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First Investment Bank (Fibank) is the largest bank with Bulgarian capital. It has developed and consolidated as a financial group with its main activity in the Republic of Bulgaria, and with a regional presence through its foreign operations in Cyprus and Albania. Fibank is an innovative, customer-oriented credit institution offering a diverse range of products and services to both individual and corporate clients.

Press releases

Yet another recognition for the successful initiatives of Fibank: Smart...

On June 9, the BUSINESS LADY 2022 AWARDS took place, organized for the twelfth consecutive year by the Business Lady Magazine and Business Lady... read more

13.06.2022 • By Fibank

Fibank launches new loans inspired by the green finance idea

Fibank (First Investment Bank) has launched 3 new credit products for businesses named Green Transport , Green Energy Free Market and Green... read more

21.01.2022 • By Fibank

High investor interest in Fibank bonds

In one of the most challenging years for Bulgarian economy, Fibank successfully effected a private placement of the first tranche of its one-year... read more

31.12.2021 • By Fibank

Fibank won the prestigious international Best Digital Bank – Bulgaria...

Global Brands Magazine, a leading brand magazine headquartered in the United Kingdom, awarded Fibank (First Investment Bank) the prestigious Best... read more

03.11.2021 • By Fibank

Fibank customers can now use Google Pay with their Visa cards

Fibank (First Investment Bank) now provides its customers with the opportunity to digitize their Visa debit or credit cards using the Google Pay... read more

19.07.2021 • By Fibank

Fibank Launches the Ninth Edition of the Best Bulgarian Company of the...

For the ninth consecutive year, the distinguished Best Bulgarian Company of the Year competition will award the most successful Bulgarian... read more

14.07.2021 • By Fibank

Fibank Voted Again a Favorite Brand of Bulgarians

For yet another year, Fibank (First Investment Bank) came first in the Financial Institutions category of Favorite Brands of Bulgaria, the only... read more

13.07.2021 • By Fibank

Fibank Provides Its Mastercard Cardholders with the Option to Make...

Digital payments offer more security for our money and increase the comfort of our daily lives. Today, in addition to convenience, there is also... read more

29.06.2021 • By Fibank

Fresh Support for Green Projects: Fibank and Mastercard Launch a...

The Smart Lady Club, supporting women entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, is back! The Club’s first live event for the year was attended by 26 successful... read more

24.06.2021 • By Fibank

Fibank presents Google Pay to its customers

Fibank (First Investment Bank) is among the first financial institutions in Bulgaria to offer its customers the option to digitize their... read more

27.04.2021 • By Fibank

Digital Payments Are Now Even Faster and More Secure With Fibank, Fitbit...

At a time when digital technologies are increasingly taking over payment transactions, consumers tend to prefer secure and contactless methods.... read more

16.04.2021 • By Fibank

MyFin Digital Wallet Launched With the Support of Fibank and Mastercard

Fibank and Mastercard have presented MyFin digital wallet, a platform for fast money transfers and online payments. MyFin digital wallet... read more

05.02.2021 • By Fibank

Fibank Brings Apple Pay to Customers with VISA Cards

Fibank (First Investment Bank) today brings its customers holding debit or credit card VISA the service Apple Pay, a safer, more secure and... read more

03.11.2020 • By Fibank

Fibank Increased Its Share Capital

Fibank (First Investment Bank) successfully increased its share capital. Today, the subscribed shares from the new issue were fully paid up. The... read more

02.07.2020 • By Fibank

Fibank Successfully Launched a Capital Increase Procedure

Today the Financial Supervision Commission approved the Prospectus of First Investment Bank for public offering of up to 40 million new shares of... read more

23.04.2020 • By Fibank

Fibank Will Issue up to 25 Million New Shares

Each of the new shares will have a nominal value of BGN 1 and an issue value of BGN 8. The new share issue will allow First Investment Bank to... read more

16.04.2020 • By Fibank

Fibank Donates 1,000 COVID-19 Test Kits

Fibank (First Investment Bank) will participate in a donation campaign to combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Thanks to the donation... read more

27.03.2020 • By Fibank

Fibank customers will be able to defer payments on loans

With regard to measures taken by European and national institutions to encourage banks to continue their financing activities and provide the... read more

16.03.2020 • By Fibank

Fibank Launched the First Open Banking Platform in Bulgaria Fully...

The customers of First Investment Bank will be the first to benefit from the advantages of open banking, developed in compliance with the Payment... read more

26.11.2019 • By Fibank

Apple Pay Coming to Fibank’s Customers

Fibank (First Investment Bank), in cooperation with Mastercard, has launched the Apple Pay service. It allows any Fibank customer having a... read more

05.11.2019 • By Fibank

Fibank profit amounts to BGN 162 million before impairment and taxes

At the end of September 2019 First Investment Bank’s net profit amounts to BGN 64.7 million, marking growth by 4.15% (BGN +2.5 million) compared... read more

30.10.2019 • By Fibank

Fibank Joined the SWIFT Global Payment Initiative for Fast and Secure...

In today's fast-paced digital world, users are demanding ever-faster services that are evolving with the advancement of technology. Always... read more

03.10.2019 • By Fibank

Fibank, Mastercard and Garmin Launch an Innovation in Payments

Fibank (First Investment Bank), Mastercard and Garmin launched the long-awaited innovative Garmin Pay watch payment project in Bulgaria.... read more

26.09.2019 • By Fibank

Fibank Albania Reports the Highest Growth Rate in the Albanian Banking...

The total assets of Fibank Albania increased by almost 20% over the first half of 2019. This was by far the highest growth rate in the banking... read more

21.08.2019 • By Fibank

Fibank Passed the Asset Quality Review and the Stress Test

On 26 July 2019, the European Central Bank (ECB) published the results of the comprehensive assessment for 2018, in which six Bulgarian banks... read more

27.07.2019 • By Fibank

For Yet Another Year, Fibank Is a Favorite Brand Among Banks in Bulgaria

Fibank (First Investment Bank) won the Financial Institutions category of the only consumer ranking in Bulgaria, MY LOVE BRANDS. More than... read more

18.07.2019 • By Fibank

Fibank Ranks among the Top 20 banks in Southeast Europe for 2019

According to the SeeNews Top 100 international survey, First Investment Bank ranks 16th among leading banks in Southeastern Europe, ahead of some... read more

26.06.2019 • By Fibank

Fibank Introduces Technological Innovation in Consumer Lending

Fibank (First Investment Bank) now provides its customers with the option to sign documents remotely, in a quick and easy manner, without having... read more

12.04.2019 • By Fibank

Fibank reports the highest return on equity for 2018

Author: Mr. Hristo Hristov – Economic blogger At the end of December 2018, the banking system's assets in Bulgaria amounted to BGN 105.6... read more

28.02.2019 • By Fibank

Fibank wins a prize at the Forbes Business Awards for its financial...

Fibank won the special Community Service Award for financial inclusion of children and youth and a Forbes Trusted Partner Certificate at the 8-th... read more

03.01.2019 • By Fibank